April 16th, 2006


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I'm beginning to loathe this building, as hospitable as the security has helped make it. However, I do not appreciate sleeping on Seto's office floor for two nights, while he's mostly acting up to the simpering concubine assumption, with Kaiba Seto popping up every so often to snarl at me for being an idiot. So far, research has came up with very little and I am reaching the end of my tether.

But like I said, the security are trying to make this easier on command. We have sleeping bags even if the 'concubine' spends most of his time under the desk, food delivered, coffee sent up from Starbucks and I can get an Internet connection. I sent some of the security to the library to get me some books for research and I've persuaded Roland to travel to Egypt to pick up more texts.

Mokuba, how are you doing at home? How's Bastet? That meowing rat turned up in Seto's trench coat pocket, but he isn't helping.

I think I may be ready to mutilate someone right now. Volunteers?
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