x_darkside (x_darkside) wrote,


Apparently, I have to organize wedding invitations to send out. Roland gave me brochures with sets of tissue paper invitations, but I suppose it won't hurt to tell people before I have to send any invitations out.

Seto and I are getting married again in Japan, to make sure it has proper legal standing. And it won't be in a hospital this time.

Thief, Marik - don't bother asking if you're invited. The answer is no.

Yuugi, Jou - help I needn't bother telling you you're invited.

Mokuba - Help.

Seto - do I have to pick flowers?

This will come as no surprise, aibou, but I would be very happy if you would be my best man. Roland says that Seto and I can have one each, and you are my obvious choice. So, would you, please?

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