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Anymore of this, anymore of Seto saying this "I can't be with you anymore." and the like, anymore of him saying I'm a failure at life, anymore of being called a failure in general, anymore of the 'concubine' begging for sex, anymore of the sick feeling chest pain headaches, and I am going to start

a) screaming
b) screaming specifically at Seto
c) crying
d) killing
e) throwing up
f) throwing things

and I won't stop for as long as I can keep it up.

If he ends it all again, I'm going to Egypt and I am staying there for the rest of this life, then I'm going to hope and pray that they don't send me back again. I won't let them. I can't take him doing that again. I couldn't take coming back to a life that doesn't have him in it either, which makes escaping him if he does it again pointless, really, and

But that's just loving him, isn't it?

Nothing can ever be fucking normal for me.
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I'm beginning to loathe this building, as hospitable as the security has helped make it. However, I do not appreciate sleeping on Seto's office floor for two nights, while he's mostly acting up to the simpering concubine assumption, with Kaiba Seto popping up every so often to snarl at me for being an idiot. So far, research has came up with very little and I am reaching the end of my tether.

But like I said, the security are trying to make this easier on command. We have sleeping bags even if the 'concubine' spends most of his time under the desk, food delivered, coffee sent up from Starbucks and I can get an Internet connection. I sent some of the security to the library to get me some books for research and I've persuaded Roland to travel to Egypt to pick up more texts.

Mokuba, how are you doing at home? How's Bastet? That meowing rat turned up in Seto's trench coat pocket, but he isn't helping.

I think I may be ready to mutilate someone right now. Volunteers?
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Before anyone asks - no, I do not have a date yet. August is looking good, though.

I do, however, have a list as tall as Seto and only a couple of ticks. And after them, I have no idea where to begin.

On the positive side of things, I have brochures, catalogues, a ring binder and a list from Roland, complete with another list of websites to visit.

My head hurts.

(Lists I've re-adapted from Roland)

Seto -

My list of people I want to invite should be short. What about yours?
Do you have any allergies?
What colour are you going to turn up in?
If both of us have a best man there is no bride, unless you're volunteering who's going to have the rings?
Do I need a birth certificate?

Yuugi - help

Suits. We need suits.
I need you to help me pick flower arrangements.
Where can I get a cake?

Jou -


Mokuba -

Have you seen Bastet today?
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Apparently, I have to organize wedding invitations to send out. Roland gave me brochures with sets of tissue paper invitations, but I suppose it won't hurt to tell people before I have to send any invitations out.

Seto and I are getting married again in Japan, to make sure it has proper legal standing. And it won't be in a hospital this time.

Thief, Marik - don't bother asking if you're invited. The answer is no.

Yuugi, Jou - help I needn't bother telling you you're invited.

Mokuba - Help.

Seto - do I have to pick flowers?

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